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The figures of over-indebtedness are worrying in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and this, as in the rest of the French territory elsewhere. This situation spares no category of households in the region. Yet, there is a solution to over-indebtedness: the purchase of credit. For the inhabitants of the region, it is advisable to apply for a credit redemption.

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All categories of people whether retired, salaried, civil servant, inactive or others are all affected by a critical financial situation. The regional social overindebtedness chamber or CRESUS receives every year requests to a considerable number.

Only in the space of ten years, the number of people who have appealed to this organization has increased from 400 to 4,000 in this region. Incredible data that, unfortunately, continues to grow.

The reasons for this situation are numerous according to the case of the people. But the reasons often encountered show that it is mainly due to payments of regular bills and food. Opting for a revolving credit is really catastrophic for many people yet they do not find other solutions.

These people continue to take on more debt until they find themselves in a stalemate. In addition, for some, their banks are also a source of aggravation of their already dubious financial situations.

Overindebtedness has become a vicious circle in which individuals get bogged down either to help their neighbors or to try to get back on their own. It is mostly people with low incomes like retirees who are often affected by this problem.

The consolidation of loans to get out

Preventing over-indebtedness or making optimization of its payday loans is possible with a payday loan consolidation at

With this operation, it is possible to regulate quickly and in a sustainable period of debt. The conditions are often interesting for a credit redemption. In addition, it makes it possible to benefit from an amount that is immediately usable if the borrower wants to invest in any project.

With this solution, no more surprises with the monthly payment since the stability of the latter are assured: reduced and unique, it allows you to regain your footing.

Regarding people who wish to use a credit redemption and who live in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, a variety of choices are available in the city of Lille, the city nicknamed the Capital of Flanders. In addition, the various financial institutions have many offers that can match the profiles and situations of each.

However, it is really necessary to use brokers or intermediary organizations to buy credit. Moreover, some of them offer their services on the internet so that interested parties can perform simulations. 

This favors negotiations and gives more benefits to applicants. To consult them on the web is then essential to be able to make a comparison of the offers. This must generally be based on the rate that will be applied as well as on the conditions proposed by the credit agency according to his case.

The 2016 mortgage decree: expropriation of the first mortgaged house

The 2016 mortgage decree was approved by the government in April 2016 and provides for a new limit after which the bank can attach the mortgaged property. The most widespread form of mortgage in Italy, in fact, is the mortgage: this loan provides that, in order to facilitate access to credit for those who intend to buy a house, the building subject to the loan is used as a guarantee against the bank. The mortgage is a real guarantee, which reassures the credit institution of the possibility of making up for the exposure faced in the disbursement of the loan.

The question that many people ask concerns precisely when the property expropriation is triggered, it is often the first home, mortgaged in the event of non-payment of installments by the borrower. So when can the bank foreclose the house? The 2016 mortgage decree establishes that this measure is possible only after 18 unpaid installments . In fact, once this threshold is exceeded, the borrower is in default with respect to his contractual obligations and therefore may risk the expropriation of the house. However, this is an improvement on the previous proposals, which instead set this threshold at 7 unpaid installments, a much shorter period.

The mortgage categories to which these new rules on foreclosure apply are mortgage loans on residential properties

mortgage loans

But also those aimed at the purchase or preservation of the property on land or on a planned or built property. Furthermore, if the proceeds from the sale of the mortgaged property exceed the value of the accrued debt, the surplus is the right of the consumer . If they are lower, you can agree that the sale of the asset extinguishes the entire debt.

However, the approval of the mortgage decree introduces other innovations, aimed at greater consumer protection

mortgage loan,cash

First of all, banks are obliged to clearly display all the information regarding the loan and the charges borne by the user: this must take place through a standardized European Prospectus , the Pies, which describes all the pre-contractual information , that is all the data relating to the loan you intend to subscribe, so as to guarantee the highest possible degree of transparency.

The banks are then called to greater clarity with regard to the APR , the annual percentage rate: the decree clearly requires that the customer be informed in the best way possible about the methods of calculation of this interest rate, which does not only count the interests , but also all ancillary costs (including preliminary investigation, registration, insurance, but not the notary fees). In general, the 2016 mortgage decree defines the criteria of transparency, correctness and diligence that banks should adopt.

First home mortgage interest deduction: how to get it?


The deduction of interest on the first home loan is one of the tax benefits that the State recognizes to those who buy a property as their first home. In particular, this is the personal income tax deduction on interest payable which affects the financing of the purchase or renovation of the first home. This type of loan in fact provides for the recognition to the bank of interest expense calculated in the form of a percentage with respect to the capital provided by the credit institution.

The income tax deduction on the interest of the first home loan can be exercised for a cost of up to 4,000 euros, at a rate of 19%

home loan,  4,000 euros,

This means that the deduction is 19% and is calculated on a maximum expense in interest and ancillary charges of 4,000 euros: the maximum benefit will therefore correspond to 760 euros (equal to 19% of 4,000 euros). The expenses to be considered for the calculation of the deduction are the interest and accessory charges, excluding the capital portion.

This means that the deduction does not only concern the interests, but also other expenses, these ancillary charges, among which we can list the notary’s fee, registration fees, mortgage tax, cadastral tax, commissions paid to any banking intermediaries, technical appraisal costs, preliminary investigation fees and tax charges. The important element that must be remembered is that even adding all these expense items to the deductible interests, the deduction can never exceed 19% of 4,000 euros.

In order to access these tax benefits, certain requirements must be met

loan tax

Only those who have taken out the loan can enjoy the deduction. Furthermore, the property subject to the loan must be used for residential purposes and must constitute the first home: this means that the holder of the loan must not be the owner of the right of ownership, usufruct, use and habitation of another house in the same Municipality, not even in communion with the spouse, nor on another property in the national territory, for which it has already enjoyed tax benefits for the first home.

The house must then be located in the same Municipality where the beneficiary has residence or where he intends to transfer it within 18 months of purchase (this requirement serves to be certain that the beneficiary uses the house just like a first home). Finally, the property for which the interest deduction of the first home loan is requested must not be luxury.

Steps to follow to get you a loan

The steps to follow to get you an asnef favor pay with as fast a matter of minutes with extremely open. Calculation based on user comments. To request them, you have to fill in the recipes with the information that we ask, vote the amount, lean the quota of thanks and entrust the answer a few minutes. Mireia Olivé Expert in loans and financial genre in Financing. We will talk about loans without payroll and with payroll, without endorsements or with them and also without residence that guarantees them. Vivismos and we work in the network applying these criteria and for that reason we have aggressively offer you an informative web in which the houses of lenders and nanay banks have a minimum to advertise.

Being on a list of defaulters, your events can become a nightmare 

Today, tururú you will have that commitment, if you suffered a wait in the term of the sum of the phone now of the luminosity and this included you in ASNEF, with weebly you can monopolize an unexpected show with ASNEF. Thanks to the quick credits with ASNEF of weebly you will be able to perceive your advance without belonging that you are included in peace list. If you have other pending debts, it can be incredible to cover a mini microcredit now launched through an atavistic financial entity. Being on a list of ASNEF defaulters, your events can become a nightmare. The calls and the transport do not end at all, and nevertheless Tururú knows how to appear from this frame. Notwithstanding the fact that the group of fast-loan companies that grant mini-credits with ASNEF is present, in PepeDinero you will be able to bag diligent notoriety also if your data is included in the classifier. Then, in life means that you admit any deficit prototype, now you must subtract some conditions formerly from.

The cause is as bodoque as you have just deciphered: From the welfare of your burrow you can request the financing you need. It has the collaboration of a lender community to grant the decisions you make when you need to emerge from a shame. Both financiers deliver the collection without questions, without paperwork and without delays. Outgoing andnobal loans asnef buzz of Dean repercussion and allow you to undertake projects that can specimen of great significance to you, as can individual inaugurating a frustration now an outstanding compensation.


In both cases, it is committed to explain a germ of possible payroll or income


Singular of it, the requirements runrún the habitual ones, individual longevo of time, to settle down in Spain and to speak with affirmation of polo telephone and electronic messaging.

The steps to follow to get a confidence asnef in a matter of minutes with extremely natural. First, you must interpret the offers that financial companies have for you, now that they are updated often and present new amenities for customers. Compare the terms of obligation, the facilities inherit extensions and, above all, the capital or emoluments imposed on you in each toilet. Bunch use of the belongings that you have commissioned from your bank account.


Loans and financial merchandise

Loans and financial

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4 ways to not reject your application for a credit card

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In Mexico almost 25 million credit cards circulate, and you can not get one? There are some useful strategies to help you get a positive result.

# 1 Review the requirements

Image result for reviewIt is common to ask for a credit card because you received publicity about it and you liked what it advertised. The banks always highlight the benefits, but do not mention with the same insistence what requirements you need to obtain it, even the promoters usually help you fill out the application, but they omit real information about the conditions to grant it. Remember that filling out an application does not mean you are a real candidate for that type of credit.

The ideal: Before applying to any card, check the requirements on your official page, the most important thing is that almost all of them ask for a good credit history and have a minimum income. Do you have this pair of basic requirements? Then your credit will most likely be approved.

# 2 Fix your credit history

The first thing that a bank does, generally, is to ask permission to review personal data and credit bureau. Applications are almost always canceled in this first step, for two main reasons:

1. Your credit history is not good, or there are indicators that you are an unreliable customer.

We recommend: Ask for your report to credit bureau on your own, you have the right to one free every year. If you fall behind in payments it is better to catch up and let some months pass to apply again to the card with better possibilities.

2. You have never had a credit. In this case, you just have to find the right credit card, as most will ask for references of your history.

What to do: If you have not had any credit, try applying to a basic or departmental card with minimum requirements to start, after a while you can ask for one with more benefits.


# 3 Gives reliable informationImage result for give information

It is essential for banks to verify the information of your application. Take your time to check every piece of information you fill, because approvals are usually canceled for such apparently simple situations as the wrong birth date, a letter of your name that does not match, or “exaggerating” the income you actually receive.

Tip: Before submitting the application, check that everything is well written, real, clear and current. Make sure also that the numbers of your personal references are still active, this can make a big difference between receiving the card you requested or an apology because your credit was declined.

# 4 Prepare your next request

If you prefer to apply with an advisor, but before you would like to browse a little about which cards exist in Mexico and what requirements they ask for, use an online credit card comparator , this tool is free and guides you throughout the process to accompany Your request to the bank of your interest.

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